Monday, October 8, 2012

A week in KL

It'd been about a week I'd started to adapt living in condo with three of my besties. It hasn't been such a hectic and crazy day to me because the first week of college was just an introduction class. The lecturer introduced all the modules and regulations step by step, and also the materials that's necessary to be bought. Um, moreover, my interior class is just scheduled on Tuesday,  Thursday and Friday. So the rest of the days, I spend my time staying in condo watching movies esp Jane by Design TV serials, also cleaned up all the mess together and decorated our own room. However, starting from next week the class will begin like normally design college does. There'll be lots of tasks, assignments, projects and etc. Vero and I plan to go jogging together during our days off at college, but we always missed it. We even woke up very late everytime when it comes to days off at college :D

He's so adorable! *Billy*

Jane by Design
Nick Roux 

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