Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"V's" day

Had lots of fun at school, there were lots of games to celebrate Valentine's day. The most interesting and amusing game was about to be a Mr Flirting. It was such a great show seriously. They were all tried to flirt the female teachers with their sweetest styles and words. And finally, Harris was chosen to be the best flirting guy in our school. Frankly speaking, he is very expert in doing those kind of things. Everyone seemed really happy, contented and satisfied, because it was a special day for all of us (esp couples) to share our love, care and friendship. I really enjoyed my day especially with my beloved friends. Six of us also did an exchange gift to each other during V's day. I am really happy with the gifts that each of us had made it beautifully and wholeheartedly, of course. 

My gifts, specially made by Vero, Lisna, Bry, Jojo and Siska 
The water globes that I made for them

My gift for Jojo, I gave it to her before she flew to Penang.
An interesting agenda from Vero
A sunflower key-chain from Jojo, even though it doesn't seem like but I do still love it very much

 A special gift truly made by Siska :D

A Beautiful flower from Lisna

 A lovely "N" bracelet  from Bryana

And here's my water globe. I made it for myself too.

Happy Valentine's Day, pals!