Saturday, November 5, 2011

PLL chic style!

I am completely obsessed with their styles, each of them especially Aria and Spencer. I love both of their looks.... 

This is Aria Montgomery. Her style is feminine, a bit Gothic, also bohemian with an edge. She looks amazingly chic! 

Gothic and very classy

And this is Spencer Hastings. There she is, the preppy lady with Oxford flats with a touch of femininity.    

LOVE this one! 
astoundingly vintage looks

absolutely preppy looks with a great hat

This is Emily. Em's style is sporty and comfortable. She is looking chic when she dresses up with her tight jeans and lace-up boots altogether.

she is rock with her sneakers

Yeah, this is Hanna. She always dresses up in a glamorous way that are full of accessories on her body.

Who is your fashion inspiration of them all?
Whether Aria, Spencer, Em, or Hanna???

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